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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does GreenSigns have inventory?

GreenSigns has inventory throughout the Chicago DMA with coverage in downtown Chicago and as well as on Chicago’s suburban expressway system. View our locations here.

How can an advertiser make an impact with its creative?

Bold imaging, limited copy. Try to keep copy to seven words or less. Use bold imaging to attract the eye. Have a clear objective of the ad, with a call to action. Use large fonts and contrasting colors to deliver your message.


Utilize dynamic copy and messaging. Digital boards allow for multiple creatives to run with the option to be dynamically triggered. Creative can be triggered by the weather, the time of day/week, or a myriad of other “triggers” that can automatically select the artwork and message you want to run. We can also pull information published via an RSS feed, such as live sports scores, voting results, ticket sales, or capacity status. For example,


Popouts or extensions: Draw more attention to the creative with static board extensions or popouts above the actual billboard. When the template expands beyond the perimeter of a billboard, the creative potential is endless!

How much do billboards cost?

It depends. The elements that affect pricing are simple:

- Size of audience (exposures)

- Size of the sign

- Length of your campaign

- Location


GreenSigns offers competitive pricing. Contact us for a custom quote.

How long do I have to run billboards in order for them to be effective?

Typically the length of a campaign aligns with the objective of the campaign. Is it a one-time annual event? If so, 8 weeks of exposure prior to the event may be sufficient. Is the objective to have a directional sign directing traffic to your retail location? Then an annual contract would work well in this case.

The greatest strength of outdoor advertising is the sheer number of exposures it produces, so generally speaking: the longer the campaign, the stronger the impact.

What’s the difference between regular vinyl and Eco-Flexx?

PVC vinyl is typically used on static bulletins due to its durability, longevity, and ability to withstand exposure to a wide range of temperatures. Eco-Flexx is an environmentally-friendly alternative to vinyl.


Eco-Flexx is made of woven polyethylene that is non-toxic and chlorine-free. It weighs nearly 75% less than PVC vinyl and can ultimately be recycled.

Why should advertisers partner with sustainable billboard operators?

To actively reduce their environmental impact and support those already committed to that practice. It can also satisfy sustainable procurement initiatives. We aim to reduce our negative impact on our planet with everything we do and hope to inspire others to do the same.

Is GreenSigns inventory available to be purchased programmatically?

Yes! GreenSigns’ inventory is available on Place Exchange, Vistar and Hivestack.

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