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We established Chicago’s first and only sustainable billboard company so your business can fulfill its environmental goals.

Choosing GreenSigns as your billboard partner means being kinder to the planet.

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Our digital signs are 100% powered by wind and solar energy.

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Our signs are constructed using recycled steel and recycled plastic resins.

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Our sales operations are entirely paperless.

Through strategic partnerships with energy suppliers, GreenSigns lowers our impact on the environment by purchasing renewable energy to power our sign locations.

Our signs use industry-leading LEDs that provide top-notch image quality and energy efficiency.


The estimated number of static billboards in Chicagoland.


The approximate number of single-use vinyl sheets that end up in landfills per year.


It’s estimated that Chicago has more than 6,300 static billboards, which means up to 25,000 sq ft. vinyl sheets are being thrown away each year. That's enough to wrap Solider Field 521 times.

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We understand some clients require specific locations and, therefore, static signs.


We use 100% recyclable, non-toxic, and chlorine-free polyethylene (PE) Eco-Flexx for our non-digital signs. It has a carbon footprint that is 60% less than regular vinyl.


Because Eco-Flexx is lightweight, you can pack much more of it on a truck – significantly reducing carbon emissions during shipping. We pass these cost savings on to our customers. 

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