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Our Story

Founded in 2012, GreenSigns is Chicago’s first and only sustainable billboard company.


We’re a small but powerful organization founded by industry veterans who care about the environment and good corporate citizenship.

Technological advances in the OOH industry plus our desire to pioneer a new, environmentally-friendly way of doing business sparked our early growth – and we haven’t strayed from the path since. 

We regularly identify new outdoor advertising opportunities in Chicago on city and suburban roadways. Our high-profile signs are situated on the most heavily-traveled expressways in the entire market and in areas known for upscale shopping and dining. We do business with multinational corporations and mom-and-pop shops down the street. At GreenSigns, we put planet and purpose before profit, and we like doing business with others who do the same.

Our Core Values


Act with the utmost integrity in our relationships with clients, competitors, employees, and ourselves.



Build sustainable practices that protect the environment and maintain organizational longevity.



Live with passion in our careers and personal lives and work with others who have a similar zest for life. 



Practice good citizenship in all of the communities we are part of, including the billboard community, advertising industry, and Chicagoland.

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