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GreenSigns and Maureen Claffy Art Academy partner to showcase children's artwork for Earth Month

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

GreenSigns, Chicago's only sustainable billboard company, recently partnered with Maureen Claffy Art Academy to showcase a month-long Earth Day campaign. The project features artwork from children aged 5-10, highlighting their interpretations of protecting Mother Earth and celebrating Earth Day every day.

You can see student art featured all April long at the intersection of Rt. 83 and Butterfield Road in Oak Brook, Illinois.

Click to expand artwork.

Maureen Claffy, the founder of Maureen Claffy Art Academy, spoke about the kids' enthusiasm and passion for protecting the planet. "The kids love wildlife and animals in an untainted innocent way that adults lose as they age," Claffy said. "They were more excited to create art about the Earth than being on a billboard."

GreenSigns is committed to sustainability and strives to reduce its impact on the environment. Our digital signs are powered by wind and solar energy, and our sales operations are entirely paperless. We also use recycled steel and recycled plastic resins to construct our signs. Additionally, we purchase renewable energy to power our sign locations, further reducing our carbon footprint.

The partnership with Maureen Claffy Art Academy showcases GreenSigns' commitment to sustainability while also promoting environmental education through the artwork of the children. The project serves as a reminder that this is our kids' Earth, and we must work together as stewards to help leave it a better place for them.

Chicago has an estimated 6,300 static billboards, which means up to 25,000 sq ft of vinyl sheets are being thrown away each year. GreenSigns uses 100% recyclable, non-toxic, and chlorine-free polyethylene (PE) Eco-Flexx for our non-digital signs, which has a carbon footprint that is 60% less than regular vinyl. This not only reduces waste but also significantly reduces carbon emissions during shipping.

Partnering with Maureen Claffy Art Academy for Earth Month is a continuation of our commitment to sustainability and environmental education. By working together and making sustainable choices, we can make a difference in protecting our planet for future generations.

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