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GreenSigns Celebrates Earth Day

CHICAGO, IL – GreenSigns LLC is pleased to display our billboards for Earth Day, a national day of recognition that deeply aligns with our organization’s core values.

As Chicago’s first and only sustainable out-of-home advertising company, GreenSigns is eager to make businesses and consumers aware of our sustainable practices. Our message is straightforward and simple: “This sign is 100% powered by renewables. Earth Day, and every day.”

“In today’s informative world, everyday people WANT to know which companies are kind to our planet and make sustainability as important as profitability,” says GreenSigns CEO Joseph Mancino.

Since its inception nearly 10 years ago, GreenSigns has remained sustainable in practice in three significant ways:

  • Our digital signs are 100% powered by wind and solar energy.

  • Our signs are constructed from recycled steel and recycled plastic resins.

  • Our sales operations are entirely paperless.

Drivers can see these billboards in seven of our locations around Chicagoland — Southbound Rt. 83 at Butterfield Road, Northbound Rt. 83 at Butterfield Road, Eastbound 290 and Southbound Mannheim Road, Northbound Rt. 53 at Euclid, Southbound Rt. 53 at Euclid, and Southbound 294 and Eastbound 290.

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