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Reach Tourists This Summer With DOOH

As a vibrant cultural hub both in Illinois and the midwest overall, Chicago is home to a host of events and attractions that draw tourists far and wide year roundf.

It's no different this summer with upcoming events such as the Nascar Chicago Street Race and the annual Lollapalooza music festival, plus the reopening of "The Bean," known formally as City Gate.

With so much to do and see, Digital Out of Home advertising should be top of mind for advertisers looking to draw attention from both locals and tourists.

In fact, there are plenty of reasons why DOOH is a major benefit for advertisers in the tourism industry in particular.

1) It enhances your brand awareness. Advertising your hotel, spa services or attraction is ideal with DOOH and you can target the right audience to maximize impact.

2) You can target your audience by choosing digital billboards in precise locations near major events and amenities and even specify the time of day you wish to show your message to travelers, which can lead to higher engagement and conversion.

3) DOOH is a cost-effective way to reach that audience with measurable results. At GreenSigns, we offer reporting that helps to track the effectiveness of your campaign.


4) DOOH is an agile method of advertising that allows advertisers to launch quickly and adjust their creative dynamically or as needed with hardly any lead time. 

Still not convinced? Here's a brief look at the tourism the city has seen since the height of the pandemic, according to data from the city's tourism agency Choose Chicago.

In 2022, domestic and overseas tourism rose by 60% over 2021 numbers for a total of 48.6 million visitors, according to Choose Chicago. That same year, the agency said Chicago visitors spent $17 billion.

Preliminary reports from 2023 show that the city had 52 million domestic and international visitors, which showed a 7% growth over 2022. Those visitors spent $19.2 billion.

If you're looking to reach an expanded audience this summer, consider DOOH through GreenSigns.

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