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Reaching Gen Z consumers this holiday shopping season

Now that Halloween is in the rearview, the holiday season is upon us. That means just about every advertisement you're bound to see between now and Dec. 25 will be geared around gifts giving and serious shopping sales.

With that in mind, stats from a new research report conducted by The Harris Poll for the Out of Home Association of America (OAAA), shows that targeting Gen Z shoppers will be easier than ever. That's because more Gen Z consumers are planning to travel this holiday season compared to other generations, and about 62% of all shoppers plan to travel by car meaning they're likely to run into billboards and signs.

The same report showed that 38% of shoppers plan to do most of their holiday shopping in November. The Harris Poll report also indicates that Gen Z shoppers plan to spend more on everything from gifts to meals and decor as they prepare for the holidays. Other key statistics around holiday travel show that: 59% of Gen Z consumers are planning to travel for more days this holiday season, more than any other generations.

51% of Gen Z consumers are looking for new cities and experiences this holiday travel season vs. just 32% of the general population.

More than half (53%) of Gen Z consumers want to vacation at a resort compared to one out of four Boomers. Check out the rest of the OOH Consumer Insights & Opportunities Q4 2023: Holiday Travel & Shopping research online. In the meantime, another surprising statistic from JLL’s Holiday Shopping Survey Report 2023 shows that 49.6% of Gen Z consumers plan to holiday shop at the mall, compared to the average for other generations of 40.8%.

That means more of this coveted demographic can easily be targeted by OOH advertisers as they travel to and browse brick and mortar locations. GreenSigns has holiday opportunities on major roadways that lead to and from various area malls – reach out for more details!

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