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Why DOOH is ideal for political advertising


Like it or not, it's election season, and that means tons of political advertising. According to E-marketer, this year’s political ad spending is expected to hit $3.46 billion, a dramatic increase over 2020.

It used to be that TV was the preferred medium for political ad spend, but that was before streaming services overwhelmed the already-fragmented ad space. The past 4 years have shown a significant shift to digital – a growth of 156.3% from 2020, reports E-marketer – and much of that growth is increasingly programmatic. That means the time to consider DOOH is now. 

DOOH is ideal for political advertisers because it allows them to geo-target down to the neighborhood or zip code level to reach the intended target. And with its quick-activation and dynamic messaging capabilities, it’s no wonder political advertisers are leaning in on this growing medium. 

In addition, a recent interview with OAAA President and CEO Anna Bager reiterates that OOH is a favorable and trusted medium that can help get out the vote. 

"It’s a good way to get in front of consumers,” she said. “This election is going to be about converting voters that probably wouldn’t have voted.”


GreenSigns has digital inventory that can quickly help political advertisers reach voters across Chicagoland, direct or programmatically. Get in touch with us for more details. 

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