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GreenSigns Client Spotlight: Proven Winners

GreenSigns is proud to do business with like-minded organizations that emphasize sustainability, environmental stewardship, and excellent customer service.

Learn more about our client, Proven Winners, in this week’s client spotlight!

How long have you been a client of GreenSigns?

PW: We started working with GreenSigns in 2019.

Why did you choose to work with GreenSigns?

PW: Our initial interest in GreenSigns was sparked by some available billboards we noticed. After reaching out and learning about GreenSigns’ focus on sustainability which aligns with our own commitment to sustainable plant production, we knew the relationship would be a great fit. We enjoy working with Jimi and appreciate the excellent service which has kept us coming back each year.

Why are billboards an essential component of your overall marketing strategy?

PW: Outdoor advertising is an important part of our marketing strategy because it allows us to reach a broad audience at the right time and the right place—while consumers are out of their homes and in close proximity to garden centers. While online plant sales are increasing, most consumers are still buying plants from garden centers during a short time span in the spring. Billboards help us maximize brand awareness during those most critical weeks for plant sales in targeted areas with garden centers that we know will be heavily stocked with Proven Winners plants.

What sets Proven Winners apart from competitors?

PW: Proven Winners plants are trialed and tested for gardening success like no other. While other companies may focus on plant genetics that looks great at retail, our focus has always been on plants that perform for the home gardener. We stand by our motto, “a better garden starts with a better plant,” by putting all our plants through extensive trials to evaluate their garden performance, and only the very best of the best make the cut and earn the Proven Winners name.

Why is sustainable plant production important?

PW: A better plant is even more beautiful in a world that takes care of the environment that grows and creates it, which is why sustainability is key to everything we do. We’ve gone as far as to launch our first fully industrial compostable plant container this year, which will allow people to have a landfill-free gardening experience without making any sacrifices on quality or performance.

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