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GreenSigns Sets the Tone for Sustainable OOH

This year’s predictions for OOH are in and GreenSigns is already ahead of the curve.

Globally, OOH spending is expected to exceed $40 billion in 2024, according to Advertising Week, and there are new trends emerging as the year gets into full swing including an increased interest in sustainable practices. 

GreenSigns serves as a leader in this example, having been founded on a mission to make advertising more environmentally friendly and, well, green.

That means we use eco-friendly material in the construction of our boards, energy-efficient LED lighting to illuminate them, renewable energy for power, and a paperless business model when conducting our sales operations.

Like us, our clients hold strong values around protecting the environment and we believe consumers identify with brands that uphold these values.

Now it appears the OOH industry as a whole is tr

ending toward this sustainable method, adopting new practices that follow GreenSigns’ example:

• Responsible energy consumption practices

• The use of refurbished materials

• Efficient supply chain management

• Eco-conscious projects that benefit communities

GreenSigns believe everyone benefits when we follow these practices, and we welcome the industry’s shift!

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