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Why digital out of home advertising?

Digital out of home advertising has a ton of unique perks, including flexibility and its ability to target the right consumers at the right time.

A recent survey by DPAA shows that those benefits rank among the top for buyers of dooh:

61% of respondents say they like the creative flexibility

57% like the schedule flexibility

52% say they buy it because of the newly available inventory in their preferred platform

46% liked its ability for mass reach during the pandemic

And studies show it works. Data from Nielsen showed that 3/4 of surveyed consumers said they noticed a digital billboard in the past month, and about 2/3 said they noticed a digital billboard in the past week. Plus, 71% of consumers said they believed digital billboards stood out better than online ads.

The benefits of dooh are numerous. For starters, digital billboards offer a faster turnaround than vinyl, which has to be produced and installed. And the technology these boards use allow advertisers to serve relevant ads at all times of day. Weather APIs, for instance, let you display your ads for  snowmobiles only when it's snowing. And if you're selling fast food, you can tailor your ads for breakfast, lunch and dinner specials depending on the time of day.

Plus, you can't skip past a digital billboard. They offer high reach, consistent messaging and a low cost as well

Get in touch to find out how GreenSigns’ digitals can benefit your next ad campaign. 

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