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Real estate billboards: why agents should include outdoor advertising in their marketing mix.

It's not uncommon for real estate agents to advertise their services on neighborhood billboards as they're cost-effective and highly targeted. As the housing market heats up for spring, realtors can increase their exposure and market share by advertising on congested highways.

Real estate billboards on the road.

While smaller posters provide an excellent opportunity to build name recognition within neighborhoods, they tend only to reach people who live or work within those areas. Realtors should consider expanding to highway signage to attract new customers as they typically garner 5x the impressions of a local side street poster in the Chicago market.

An added benefit to highway signs is their backdrop. While side street posters may be overlooked due to competing murals, stores, and the general hustle and bustle of a neighborhood – highway signs stand alone. That means drivers are far more likely to notice your ad and take in its messaging.

Realtors should consider expanding to highway signage to attract new customers as they typically garner 5x the impressions of a local side street poster in the Chicago market.

Real estate billboards can leverage the power of digital.

Creating catchy real estate billboards is simple when realtors leverage the power of digital signage. The best part about digital signs is that you can run multiple creatives simultaneously.

For example, if a realtor has three properties for sale, they can create different designs for each real estate billboard, depending on where the property is located. We have billboards all over Chicagoland and work with clients to create geo-targeted, cohesive campaigns depending on their unique needs.

Using dynamic triggers in real estate billboards.

Another advantage of digital billboards is the ability to use dynamic triggers. Dynamic triggers in billboards refer to technology that allows billboards to change or adjust their content in response to certain conditions or inputs. These triggers can be based on various factors, such as weather, time of day, traffic patterns, or even the movement of people or vehicles.

There are many different ways realtors can get creative with dynamic triggers:

  • Weather-sensitive billboards: Realtors can use weather-sensitive billboards to display different messages depending on the weather. For example, on a sunny day, the sign might display a message promoting the outdoor amenities of a neighborhood or property. On a rainy day, it might show a message promoting a property's cozy and comfortable features.

  • Time-sensitive billboards: Realtors can use time-sensitive billboards to display different messages depending on the time of day. During rush hour, the billboard might display a message promoting the convenience of a property's location.

  • Location-sensitive billboards: Realtors can use location-sensitive billboards to display different messages depending on the billboard's location. For example, our Oak Brook sign is a fantastic opportunity to promote a property's proximity to shopping and entertainment.

Real estate billboards support social media marketing strategies.

Social media platforms effectively provide realtors with a way to interact with potential buyers. Billboards effectively catch the attention of a large audience. Together, these two channels can provide a powerful one-two punch for realtors.

Savvy agents that add digital billboards to their media mix reinforce their brand in a way their competition is not. Plus, they're creating brand awareness and trust through repetition and recognition. It is easy to repurpose digital billboards as social media ads and vice versa – making it a much more streamlined strategy than print or television advertising.

Real estate billboard ideas: quick tips.

Crafting compelling messaging for your digital real estate billboard doesn't need to be complicated to be effective. Remember these tips when drafting your ad:

  1. Focus on the customer. While it's important to demonstrate authority and knowledge, do so in a way that puts customers front and center. They are much more likely to take in your message if it speaks directly to them.

  2. Make sure your billboard is cohesive with your other marketing materials. This is key for any marketing medium to develop trust and rapport with potential clients.

  3. Create an emotional connection. Buying a new home is a significant milestone for most people. Make sure to demonstrate empathy in your messaging.

For tips on designing your real estate billboard, check out this blog, or get in touch with us. We guide our clients by providing them with the latest industry insights, best practices, and expertise to ensure their billboards are highly visible and effective in reaching their target audience.

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